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      Know-how for Professionals

      From agriculture to industry to building service contractors – as regards cleaning, each sector requires its own methods, machines and tools. Here you get tips and examples that will help you solve your individual cleaning task.

      Effective facades cleaning

      Effective facades cleaning – from plaster to metal

      If the exterior of a building is maintained this helps retain or increase its value. Various methods are available to clear dirt from facades. But the surface should be taken into consideration when applying the respective technology. This is essential for avoiding damage. An overview about techniques and regulations.

      Cleaning in the commercial kitchen

      Commercial kitchens: Cleanliness and hygiene for tiles, walls and machines

      In commercial kitchens stubborn stains must be systematically removed, in order to eliminate the breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. With the right equipment, cleaning and disinfection can be done thoroughly and efficiently.

      PDIR cleaning process

      PDIR: Four essential cleaning functions

      Efficient and regular cleaning is of vital importance for the hotel industry. The PDIR care cycle ensures a clean appearance for the entire building and reduces time, personnel and material costs required for daily maintenance.

      Garden maintenance in a park

      Maintenance of green and outdoor areas

      In spring, a mammoth job lies ahead for municipalities: Lawn areas in parks need to be trimmed, weeds removed effectively and paths and parking spaces must be cleared of shrubs, dust and dirt. With expertise and the appropriate equipment it is possible to master the various tasks.

      Truck wash

      Cleaning commercial vehicles cost-effectively

      The demands on washing quality and speed in the cleaning of commercial vehicles are high. The size and design of the vehicles, however, not only require a special technology for the wash – the washing chemicals must also be right in order to clean trucks, buses, etc. cost-effectively.

      Controlling oak processionary moths with safety vacuum cleaners

      Controlling oak processionary moths in an environmentally friendly manner

      For some years now, the oak processionary moth has been on the rise. Where people live, it can become a health risk due to its poisonous stinging hairs. The right approach to tackling the insect is therefore decisive.

      African swine fever prevention

      African swine fever: Prevention through cleaning

      Meanwhile, the African swine fever has reached central Europe. The possibility of the disease being introduced into other central European countries can no longer be excluded. Proper cleaning on the farm allows farmers to make an important contribution to protecting their livestock.

      Industrial floor cleaning with scrubber drier

      Professional cleaning of industrial floors

      Industrial floors require particular care and attention – both during manufacture and in terms of their coating, cleaning and maintenance. Which cleaning method to use depends largely on the texture of the floor.

      Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk model railway and toy museum

      World of experience with a dreamlike setting

      In the Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk model railway and toy museum an entire armada of professional cleaning machines, which are in daily use, make sure all exhibits are clean and highly polished.

      Cleaning concept for AIDA

      No fear of big beasts

      AIDA Cruises is Germany's leading provider of sea cruises. As part of a long-term partnership with Kärcher, a detailed and well-thought-out cleaning concept has been developed to take care of everything.

      Historical scrubber drier

      The success story of the scrubber machine

      The start of floor-cleaning by machines dates back more than 100 years. The first floor polisher was developed at the start of the 20th Century to take the monotony out of tedious work.